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As a (Co-operative) Mutual Society, we are obliged to submit a copy of our Rules to the Financial Conduct Authority for their approval and retention.   To simplify the process, like many other Mutual's we use a set of Model Rules, which have been pre-approved by the FCA.   Our Model Rules are those laid down by the National Allotment Society (NSALG).    We have filed a small number of changes to the rules, as provided, to reflect restrictions and conditions contained in our Lease with Bournemouth Borough Council.   By way of example - We are not allowed to keep poultry under the terms of our Lease, which would be permitted under the Model NSALG Rules as written.   The Rules of the North Bournemouth Allotment Society Limited have precedence over its Bye-laws in the event of a conflict between the two.   Whilst at first glance we may seem to have an excessive number of Rules and Byelaws our aim in doing so is to reduce conflict and disputes by making very clear to our Members what is permitted and what is not permitted.   

Experience has shown that most disputes countrywide on Allotment Sites arise as a result of a misunderstanding or failure to comply with the standard of cultivation required by the Allotment Acts. We hope our Bye-laws will help reduce any misunderstandings and act as a guide to good cultivation. 


Our Bye-laws amplify the Rules and cover the day-to-day running of the allotment and its administration.   They are split into two parts. 

Bye-laws 1

Are concerned more with the objects and administration of the Society; they cover the responsibilities and powers of the Officers of the Society and its Committee of Management.   The obligation and rights of Membership, General Meetings, Committee Appeals, and the requirement for the Membership to approve a change to any Rules or Bye-laws is also covered.

Bye-laws 2
Explain and amplify the requirement to fully cultivate your plot and cover restrictions and requirement relating to the cultivation of a Members Plot.   They give details on our Policy of Plot Inspections and the action that will be taken if a Plot is found to be in an unsatisfactory condition.   They cover, in detail, what can be grown and any restriction relating to cultivation, the behaviour of Members, guests, and children on site.   The use of vehicles on site; theft of or damage to Society or Members property.   Bye-laws 2 provide warnings of potential hazards and the requirement to read and comply with our Health and Safety rules.   Site Security, restrictions on Bonfires, Keeping of animals, Watering policy and restrictions.   Sheds, Greenhouse restrictions, Site Security obligations, and advice are covered.   Bye-laws 2 also cover some administrative areas, such as our Complaints and Disputes procedure, as well as the payment of rent and residency requirements.   

All Members are given a copy of Bye-laws 2 when they join; Bye-laws 1 and the Society Rules are available to read in the Clubhouse or Office.   Any Member can request a copy of the Rules or Bye-laws 1 from the Secretary.   The Committee tries to use Compassion and Common Sense, where possible, as well as the Rules and Bye-laws in dealing with any issues on site, whilst remembering its obligations to ensure that plots are cultivated to a reasonable standard, as required by law.

North Bournemouth Allotment Society Limited

Cornelia Road, Wallisdown, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH10 4FG

Rules - Byelaws - Regulations


Like many other small organisations, we sometimes feel swamped with the ever-increasing legal demands, restrictions, and requirements that our Society has to comply with in order to satisfy the ever-growing number of Government bodies to whom we have responsibilities.   We have a robust Health & Safety Policy.