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North Bournemouth Allotment Society Limited

Cornelia Road, Wallisdown, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH10 4FG

Site Management News


We always welcome children to join their families on site, but there are rules to ensure that both those children and other members are safe.

Children should remain on their own plots and be supervised.  They must not be allowed to go onto other members’ plots.

Issues on plots - a few reminders

Speed Limit

Please could all members keep to the site speed limit of 10mph which is clearly posted.  There are always people wandering about, and children playing, and we don’t want anyone to be hurt.


Please make sure that if you do not have a parking place on your own plot, you park in one of the parking areas and not on a neighbour’s plot (unless they have given permission).

Water Butts

Please remember to cover all water butts.  This will conserve the water in them, reduce the breeding of nasty biting things, and avoid accidents.

Water Use

Once again we ask people to be sparing with water.   The water bill is our largest single site bill - regularly costing us more than our site rent payments to the Council.


Whilst we all want to water sufficiently to enable successful crops, once plants are established you want the roots to go down to find water.  Top watering only encourages the roots to grow upwards making less resilient plants.

Remember, you can collect water by having a butt, and mulching helps to keep in the moisture.  Also, if you ‘plant’ a pot adjacent to a plant, and water into that, then the water will go down to the roots.  This is useful for thirsty vegetables such as courgettes, marrow, squash etc.


Please take care when using strimmers, lawnmowers, or light rotavtors on site.   Always wear appropriate clothing and safety gear as appropriate to the task.

No Chainsaws or Heavy Duty Landscaping Machinery is to be brought or used on site without the prior consent and agreement or both the Health & Safety Officer and Site Manager

As the long summer evenings are with us again please remember that Site Security is particularly important.   Make sure that you close the gate, even if you are only going to be on site for a few minutes.

If you see strangers on site - particularly groups of teenage children please contact the local Police by dialling 101 or if damage is taking place to property on site by calling 999

Our Site Managers can often be found on site in the mornings

(Unless it is raining hard or freezing)

Our Site Managers

Alan Keeping &

Alan Thrift

Can be contacted through the Shop or Clubhouse Coffee Shop most Saturday or Sunday mornings or by email to